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Behind the Door: Summer 2010 »

When Oil Spills, Your Brand Slips and Falls For over 50 days now, as many as 60,000 barrels of oil per day have been pouring into the Gulf. To stop it, BP has tried everything their petroleum-filled brains can think of: building a large containment dome, forcing rubber pieces into the... Read More »

Behind the Door: Spring 2010 »

The Alamo, Austin Film Fest, Izod
Tracking IZOD: Goodbye 80's, Hello Indy Our own Prentice Howe is now a regular columnist for PromoMagazine.com. His first column appeared February 25th and he riffed on the rebirth of the IZOD brand. Enduring brands are never idle. They are ever-changing... Read More »

Behind the Door: Fall 2009 »

The Alamo, Social Media
Why it Pays to be a Social Media Maven There have been a few interesting articles and studies regarding the social media world recently. "The World's Most Valuable Brands. Who's Most Engaged?" engagementdb.com conducted research on the world's 100 most valuable brands, including Starbucks, SAP, Toyota and... Read More »

Behind the Door: February 2009 »

10 Advertising Resolutions for 2009 Most New Year's resolutions are about personal goals. Lose weight, reduce stress, manage debt, eat right. These are all worthwhile pursuits. But as we head into 2009, I'm here to provide a voice for the voiceless. You may not hear its pleas but I can assure you that your brand... Read More »

Behind the Door: Fall 2008 »

When the Economy is Down, Tune the Branding Opportunities Up We sat down with some Doorkeepers to talk about strategies and tactics to keep companies' branding machines humming and revenues pointing upward during this, ahem, challenging period. (By the way, did you know that Texas' economy usually grows during recessions?) We know the wise guys out... Read More »

Behind the Door: Summer 2008 »

Agency Roundtable: Baby Products and Their Marketing...Time for a Change? In 2007, the US fertility rate was at its highest point since 1971 at 2.1 births per woman. Reflecting that stat are retail sales for babies, toddlers and preschool-aged kids....excluding diapers, food and apparel, those product sales... Read More »

Behind the Door: Spring 2008 »

Advertising Anarchy, Rangers, Rickrolling
South by Southwest Wrap Up 2008 April in Austin usually feels like the quietest month of the year. That's mainly because the city is still collectively recovering from South by Southwest - our huge, international music, film and interactive conference. For the second year in a row, we... Read More »

Behind the Door: February 2008 »

Advertising Predictions for 2008 It's a brand new year. We asked each of the Door Number 3 department heads for some predictions on trends, behaviors and more for 2008. Prentice Howe, Sr. V.P., Creative Director: "Social networking advertising will take... Read More »