Challenges & Objectives: re-launched in June 2010 as, a more user-friendly government portal for all things Texas. The site serves as both an information resource for Texas residents (ex: voter information, property tax information, children’s health insurance information, and lottery results) as well as a one-stop shop for over 180 transactions such as vehicle registration, professional license renewals, and fishing licenses.

Overall knowledge of the original site was low and user experience was poor, leading to one of the lowest % adoption rates of online government services throughout the country. Following a site redesign providing a much more user friendly experience, faster search and a larger number of overall services, Door Number 3 was tasked to launch the new site throughout the state of Texas, generating buzz, creating awareness, and ultimately driving transactions and site adoption.

Strategy & Execution:

Through analysis of transaction type and origin as well as overall Texas resident data, we determined areas of highest potential transaction to focus launch coverage. Our campaign employed a media mix which varied by geography, allowing for greatest coverage in priority areas, and extended coverage throughout the state, driven by online placements and supplemented at launch by radio, out of home, and print. We also recommended that maximize their relationships to extend the campaign flight via unique placements in and on government buildings. These buzz-worthy, custom placements generated additional coverage in a key market with no additional media charge.


• Door Number 3 negotiated for impression delivery over 20% greater than plan estimates via price reductions, reinvestments and guaranteed bonus placements
• Additional 7% added value delivered based on in-flight bonus and no charge campaign extensions
• In first launch flight, delivered over 30,800 direct click-thrus to the web from display ads


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