Increase enrollment numbers and qualified recruits from Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. Bolster UW’s reputation as a high-quality education. Enhance awareness of UW’s rich academic and recreational opportunities.


The University of Wyoming offers students the adventure of a lifetime – in and out of the classroom. Since 2000, Door Number 3 has been sharing this story with high school seniors throughout the Western United States. This latest integrated campaign, “For Adventurous Minds,” Includes direct mail, online, movie theater advertising, radio, mall kiosks and strategic poster placements. We’re geo-targeting kids (influencers) and their parents (decision makers).


In a recent poll conducted by the University of Wyoming, students and parents from Wyoming and Colorado ranked UW #1 in the following areas:

➤ Top of mind
➤ Likely attendance
➤ Quality of education
➤ Personalized education
➤ Undergraduate research opportunities
➤ Healthy and independent lifestyle
➤ Friendly and safe campus
➤ Value

What’s more, with Door Number 3 as its agency, UW has seen significant increases in:

➤ Direct mail response
➤ New student applications
➤ Accepted applications


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