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Door Number 3 Launches Humorous Statewide Campaign for Texas.gov »

Door Number 3, an Austin-based indie ad agency, has launched a statewide ad campaign for client, Texas.gov to drive people online to renew their driver license and vehicle registration. The humorous campaign plays off the benefits of Texans renewing their driver license and car registration via Texas.gov:  there is never a line or a wait(,) so folks may just feel like a VIP.  In “Mom”... Read More »

MP Chimes in on "The Secrets of 7 Successful Brands" »

As seen on Entrepreneur.com
The Secrets of 7 Successful Brands By Paula Andruss Whether they've been around for decades or were launched in the last two years, some companies just have a bit of magic when it comes to grabbing attention and establishing themselves as fan favorites. Of course, that "magic" doesn't just happen by itself. From Warby Parker's sensible pricing and do-gooder ways... Read More »

Prepare To See the Very Near Future »

We’ve consulted our magic orb, a few tea leaves, and some guy on the street to bring you what the future of design has to offer. Put on your tin foil hat and prepare to see the very near future: Animated Logos Take Over the Web In recent years, animated GIFs have been elevated well above their tacky under construction origins to an almost artistic level. The animated GIF revival will expand... Read More »

Media Zach Attack: Where Consumer Media Consumption is Headed »

By Zach Cochran
How will advances in technology affect how advertisers plan consumer media? Smart money bets on smartphones as usage of these puppies has increased dramatically in the last five years. Some projections suggest that by 2014 mobile Internet usage could overtake desktop Internet usage. That will shift the way marketers try to reach their target audiences and how traditional advertising, such as television... Read More »

Reel Impact: How Fundraisers Can Successfully Use Video »

By Karen Reiner, for AFPnet.org
Karen’s article originally appeared on the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ website. Today, people perpetually use Instagram and social media and love the instant gratification they provide.  For nonprofits, this means that to connect with their target audiences, they must quickly achieve with a video on their website’s home page what telethons formerly allotted hours... Read More »

Super Bowl Commercial Review with Tim Smith »

Best and Worst Spots Discussed on Fox's Local Morning Show
Click here to watch our very own Tim Smith chop it up with Katherine Kisiel on Fox’s Good Day Austin.

Are Businesses Hesitant to Connect With Hispanic Consumers? »

by MP MUELLER, The New York Times
January 18, 2013, 10:36 am Are Businesses Hesitant to Connect With Hispanic Consumers? By MP MUELLER Branded An insider’s guide to small-business marketing. As we learned in the recent presidential election, it’s always a good idea to connect with Hispanic Americans. In many parts of the country, this is as true in business as it is in politics. But for some reason... Read More »

KXAN profiles SH 130 »

Ad campaign gets some nice coverage.
KXAN profiles SH 130 and the Can you love a road? Campaign. Click here for the complete story.

Amplify Austin video launched »

I Live Here, I Give Here celebrates the premier of Amplify Austin with launch of online video. Click here to watch!

Finding Effective Advertising in Surprising Places »

by MP MUELLER, The New York Times
Door Number 3 President is a regular contributor and blogger for The New York Times. Click here for the latest post about finding effective advertising in surprising places.

The Secret of Neuromarketing: Go for the Pain »

by MP MUELLER, The New York Times
Door Number 3 President is a regular contributor and blogger for The New York Times. Click here for the latest post about finding effective advertising in surprising places.

Door Number 3's "Stop the Choddy" Wins Webby »

Austin, TX (4.25.12) – Door Number 3, a nationally-respected boutique ad agency, received an Official Honoree Webby Award for its popular initiative Stop the Choddy. Of the 10,000 entries submitted to the 16th Annual Webby Awards, fewer than 15% were distinguished with the honor. Specifically, Stop the Choddy won in the website humor category, which recognized only six winners from entries from all... Read More »

Cow Wow Heads of State on Leno »

Stuff from Ebay Segment on the Tonight Show
Door Number 3 client Cow Wow’s giant Rick Perry head, from the Heads of State campaign, was featured on a “Stuff from Ebay” segment on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Check it out here.

AdWeek Portrait: Door Number 3 »

Agency profile from October 17, 2011. Click here for a larger version.

The Power and Glory of Cheesy TV Commercials »

by MP MUELLER, The New York Times
August 28, 2011, 3:16 pm The Power and Glory of Cheesy TV Commercials By MP MUELLER Branded An insider’s guide to small-business marketing. I recently saw a list of cheesy local TV commercials that got me laughing and thinking. Why exactly do these spots have such a time-honored place in our culture? In Corpus Christi, Tex., where I grew up, the high priest of the... Read More »

Door Number 3 Scores With Dallas Cowboys Stadium »

Agency launches “Access Granted” campaign
Austin, TX (September 7, 2011) Door Number 3, a nationally-respected boutique branding agency, has launched “Access Granted”, an advertising campaign for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium Tours. The campaign is designed to promote and further brand the Cowboys Stadium’s VIP, Self-guided, Group, and Art tours. Cowboys Stadium, the world’s largest domed sports and entertainment facility, and home to the NFL’s... Read More »

Door Number 3 featured on KSAT »

Pets in the workplace
Door Number 3 was recently featured in a segment on KSAT about bringing pets to work. Watch the video.

Ask And You Shall Receive: The Most Important Thing Marketers Aren’t Doing »

By Suzanne Kyba, Vice President, Brand Strategy for Door Number 3. From The Game Changers, a Troyanos Group, Ltd. Publication.
Today’s brand evangelists are right under our noses, but lack of foresight and keystrokes keep them at an unsafe distance. This army of believers holds the keys to the future, and they are willing to share that power IF we do one simple thing – ask for it. For about the past 15 years, one of the greatest challenges of my job has been to identify, profile, prioritize and locate the invaluable and often... Read More »

When teams market upon one star, not all dreams come true »

Sports Business Journal (August 30 - Sept 5 Issue)
By Prentice Howe Congratulations, Wizards. You’ve got your man. In John Wall, you have the total package: A versatile point guard with freakish athleticism, he has great lateral quickness, can create his own shot, and get to the free throw line. But wait, there’s more. Wall’s got a face the camera will love, and he’s well-spoken, which means Washington’s marketing department is just as thrilled with... Read More »

Communication Arts Insights: Prentice Howe »

Walking The Neighborhood Collecting Sticks
Original article If you have a degree in what field is it? I have a BA in advertising from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. If you could choose one person to work with (outside your own agency), who would it be? As a mentor, Bart Cleveland of McKee Wallwork Cleveland. He brings big thinking to small settings and champions great work. As a peer, my former partner, Reece Hoverkamp. He left Secret... Read More »