Prepare To See the Very Near Future

We’ve consulted our magic orb, a few tea leaves, and some guy on the street to bring you what the future of design has to offer. Put on your tin foil hat and prepare to see the very near future:

Animated Logos Take Over the Web

In recent years, animated GIFs have been elevated well above their tacky under construction origins to an almost artistic level. The animated GIF revival will expand to web logos. Be ready to see more looping movement on websites near you. Exhibits A and B.

Parallax Scrolling Goes Mainstream

Used beautifully on portfolio, retail, and smaller sites, get ready to see parallax scrolling on your everyday websites. The effect moves various elements on a webpage at different speeds while the user scrolls to create an illusion of depth.

Great Danes Reach New Heights in the Memosphere

Move over, kitten and corgi memes! The Great Dane is ready for it’s closeup. Ok, there’s no way to tell what the next new pet meme will be, but with their massive size and sympathetic eyes, get ready for the biggest cute thing on the internet.

Faux-Vintage Photography Sells Out

Even polished corporate brands will hop on the Instagram bandwagon, seeing a way to connect to youth audiences in a new way. And while there were hints at the end of last year that Instagram might try to sell user images to advertisers, it’s more likely that consumers will see professionally shot images with an aesthetic matching the now ubiquitous vintage filters. Levi’s has been doing it for years—look for others to follow.

Font of The Year: Wisdom Script

A popular Lost Type in 2012, Wisdom Script is poised to take over the planet. Already spotted in everything from Honda commercials to Gold’s Gym billboards and professional bowling team jerseys, this modern classic isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Web Loses it Lacquer License

Vintage won’t stop at photos. The glassy button may be closer to extinction this year as more designers embrace a seamless, flat aesthetic. The glossy, three-dimensional button was more useful before everyone was clued in to standard web interfaces. Now, with more intelligent web users, designers can work with more subtle and sophisticated effects.

Every Font is a Web Safe Font

Arial and Times? No thanks. The quantity and quality of typefaces for the web increases exponentially year after year.

Color of The Year: Camel

A nice warm hue that’s equally at home on a neutral palette, look for camel everywhere this year. Pantone may swear by Emerald for 2013, but jewel tones are so 1997. Camel is where it’s at.