Advertising Predictions
for 2008

It's a brand new year. We asked each of the Door Number 3 department heads for some predictions on trends, behaviors and more for 2008.

Prentice Howe, Sr. V.P., Creative Director:
"Social networking advertising will take off...Corporate image advertising will surge, particularly on the topics of energy conservation and the environment...Blue will replace green as the color of environmentalism and social change...Monkeys will lose their comedic appeal...Even old school commercial directors will begin embracing HD over 35mm film."

Suzanne Kyba, V.P., Director of Account Services:
"People will crave more substance, better storylines, and more quality and richness from their entertainment...Post-writers strike, there will be a shift towards more complex and meaningful entertainment, including advertising, since at its heart, entertaining is what advertising is all about...The perception that the best ads are born in Europe will begin to change...And while reality TV is being credited, at least in part, for the overall dumbing of America, I have faith that the quality of entertainment will continue to rise as America weeds out the proverbial weakest links, by changing the channel (or TiVo-ing through unworthy ads)."

Mary Katherine Woltz, Director of Media:
"Green media will still be a hot button for consumers. Consumers will be more empowered to speak out on these issues through blogs and other forms of social media...Marketers will research and develop more green products as part of their corporate social responsibility...Marketers will no longer be able to have a monologue with consumers. Consumers will start demanding a two-way dialogue at every touch point."

Politicals, Olympics and Writers' Cramp:
The Impact on Media

In the Chinese calendar, 2008 is the Year of the Rat. Coincidence perhaps, but it's projected to be a record year for political ad spending. And, this year features the 2008 Summer Olympics, also made in China. Just for fun, let's throw in a writer’s strike. Our media experts took a look at the tea leaves and here’s how they see this trifecta will affect marketers' media budgets.

Political (and/or Olympic) years typically translate into tight broadcast TV inventory. Spot prices will rise, unfortunately making this medium out of reach for smaller budget advertisers. Political advertisers have to pay top, un-negotiated rates (to ensure non-bias - on the advertising side anyway - of media) and other advertisers spots will get bumped in favor of those who can pay top dollar.

Not so good news for advertisers, but good news for the broadcast media and affiliated industries. As long as the election favorites continue to be somewhat unpredictable, political media spending will continue to be greater than the GNP of Mali. "Political ad spending is expected to rise 43% (in the "I Prefer Water Boarding" column, is this torture method approved by the Geneva Conference?), to an all-time high of $4.5 billion," according to PQ Media, an ad and marketing research firm.

We will continue to see advertising from the candidates dominating station breaks, joined by interest groups pushing issue-advocacy and state race advertising and on national and Texas airwaves. Look for this activity to be concentrated in the late September, October and early November. Most of these dollars will be spent during the nightly news segments.

More political dollars will continue to be spent online. Search engine optimization (SEO), viral and email marketing are being used to generate more awareness for the candidates. Social media such as MySpace and YouTube (the YouTube CNN Debates) is being used to create buzz and influence younger voters.

No doubt that record political ad spending will help out networks when they are faced with the ongoing writers strike hitting them where it hurts most. Program cancellations are costing networks in ratings/ad dollars and they might be losing 25% of pre-committed dollars from national advertisers as the networks can't deliver on promised ratings. But networks like Fox, with hyper-watched reality shows will attract even more eyeballs due to a dearth of new series television shows. New is that American Idol is charging $1 million per :30 national spot.

As for the Olympics, inventory on host network NBC is almost all locked up from August 8 – August 24th. Most local advertisers will be forced to spread their inventory across other spot TV and cable.

What We're Into Right Now

A website that built a killer application - turning any PDF document into a flash-based virtual publication - and designed a social networking site around it. Issuu has the potential to be huge. Right now indie-minded publications are taking advantage of it, but in the future could we be seeing big name magazines using this software?

The Furminator
It actually does what it claims.

USB Mixtape
A really smart way to pay homage to an outdated technology that created something timeless...the song mix.
Get your mix on

Flip Video
An easy, quick and cheap way to shoot and share video.
The Flip

Anything Apple
How cool are they? Before we can even come down from the excitement of the iPhone, they release MacBook Air, the world’s thinnest notebook. To top it off, they now offer online movie rentals through iTunes 7.

Operation Homefront
This non-profit organization provides emergency assistance and morale to our troops and their families they leave behind and also help wounded soldiers when they return home.

Ultimate Flash Face
We don’t understand the point, we just like building stupid faces.
Ultimate Flash Face

Creative Corner
Fresh off the assembly line, here's a glimpse at some new work from Door Number 3.

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa

Print Campaign
W Austin Hotel + Residences

Welcome Center graphics


Dallas Stars Campaign Polls Second

Sport Business Journal's December 2007 issue published a reader's poll that ranked Door Number 3's advertising campaign for the Dallas Stars as the second most creative marketing effort of the year. Score.


Reupping for the 2008 season, Door Number 3 has been designated to develop a new multi-media campaign for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. The work, which includes TV, radio, print, outdoor and in-stadium components, extends the "You could use some baseball," theme from last season, adding some nice new twists to it. The new ad campaign is scheduled to launch March 3 on FOX Sports Southwest.

Tara Tang has been promoted from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager. Tara, New York native and former competitive ice skater, has been at Door Number 3 for over 2 1/2 years. Her account focus here includes Acton MBA, Meyer's Elgin Sausage, CEDRA and SCIREX.

In the "Look Ma!" column, Door Number 3 made the Wall Street Journal print and online editions November 26th, 2007. The article talked about the Free Range Root Beer campaign Door Number 3 created for Maine Root all natural sodas. Read a PDF of the story.

Austin Monthly recently paid Door Number 3 a visit in order to feature our digs in their "Cool Offices" issue. If you've always wondered what kind of working environment Door Number 3 has, check out this PDF of the article. Or better yet, make a stop into East Austin and say hello in person.

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