Door Number 3 Launches First-Ever Marketing Campaign for The Alamo

San Antonio Icon and National Treasure Partners with Door Number 3

Austin, TX (2.24.10) – Door Number 3 has launched the first-ever marketing campaign for one of the country’s most cherished shrines and treasures, The Alamo. This monumental integrated marketing campaign, which includes a new official logo, is designed to drive membership and increase visitors.

The Door Number 3 campaign will brand and promote The Alamo’s new membership group, The Allies of The Alamo, the name of which they also concepted. This new membership group will provide an important source of funding for the mission, which does not receive any financial assistance from federal or state entities, nor is it allowed, by state charter, to charge for admission. Door Number 3 worked closely with The Alamo’s all-volunteer caretakers, The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, in developing the strategic positioning that builds upon The Alamo’s timeless ideals – heroism, courage, loyalty and sacrifice – while creating a connection to modern day audiences.

The campaign, which was unveiled as part of The Allies of The Alamo launch at The Alamo February 23rd, captures the powerful spirit of The Alamo while asking others to Cross the Line and join The Allies of The Alamo, referencing The Alamo’s commander, William B. Travis’s immortalized troop rallying speech. Some of the ad headlines include: “Support Our Troops. Even the Ones from 1836,” “Bowie Defended it With a Knife. Now All You Need is a Ballpoint Pen,” and “Real Courage is Fighting 2,000 Men While Wearing a Hat With A Tail.”

Elements of the campaign include outdoor, online, print, collateral, POS, environmental graphics and t-shirts. Over the last year, Door Number 3 has devoted more than 1,200 pro bono agency hours to The Alamo campaign.

“I am so excited about what Door Number 3 has created and put together for The Alamo,” said Virginia Van Cleave, Alamo Committee Chairman / Daughters of the Republic of Texas. “They saw a need, and out of the goodness of their heart, came to us and filled that need with such creativity that really captures the imagination. I cannot say enough good things about Door Number 3’s passion, dedication, and work.”

Door Number also created the first-ever logo for The Alamo. Now, this centuries-old institution has an official logo. The new logo reflects the mission’s well-recognized arched and stepped façade. Additionally, the agency developed logotypes for The Daughters of The Republic of Texas and the new membership group.

“We are honored to work with The Daughters to help drive membership, and preserve this cherished and treasured site,” said MP Mueller, president of Door Number 3. “The Alamo is loved throughout our country, and driving people to join The Allies of The Alamo means this great place will be well-preserved and offer exciting educational programs for the public.”

About The Alamo
The Alamo was the site of a historic 13-day siege in the quest for Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836. Nearly 200 Texians and Tejanos defended this San Antonio mission from more than 2,000 Mexican soldiers, culminating in a battle on March 6, 1836 when all the defenders lost their lives. Today, it’s a symbol of heroic struggle against impossible odds and where people made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. The #1 tourist attraction in Texas, The Alamo draws well over 3 million visitors yearly from around the world. The national treasure is fully maintained and supported by the all-volunteer group, The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, who are committed to the conservation of the historic grounds and the research, study and promotion of Texas History. The Allies of The Alamo membership society will raise dollars for The Alamo’s ongoing preservation, facilities improvements and educational programs for the public.

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