Door Number 3 Launches Humorous Redeem Yourself Campaign For The Blood Center of Central Texas


Austin, TX (March 31, 2009) – Door Number 3 has launched a multi-faceted, humorous advertising campaign for The Blood Center of Central Texas. The new campaign, Redeem Yourself, takes a light-hearted approach in communicating a very serious subject – the extreme importance of donating blood. The campaign includes print, television and online advertisements, as well as interactive initiatives.

“Door Number 3 is honored to work with such a beloved Austin institution and help support their life-saving efforts,” said Suzanne Kyba, principal at Door Number 3. “We want to help drive blood donations, raise awareness of their cause, and capture the Center’s unique personality. The Redeem Yourself campaign does all of that.”

The general theme of the campaign creatively touches on the point that many times throughout the day, people have a choice of doing the right thing or the easy thing. The Door Number 3 TV spots show a cook dropping a hamburger on the floor, only to brush it off and put it on a bun. Another ad shows a woman in a parking lot contemplating whether to return the shopping cart to the store or leave it on the grass. She chooses the grass. After Redeem Yourself appears on the screen, the voiceover states Donate blood, save two lives and make up for just about anything.

In all, there are four different television spots, including a man closing an elevator door on a frantic woman and a driver not paying a vendor who has just washed her windshield.

The print ads show a palm with arrows pointing to various points in a person’s lifeline. Near the arrows are quick, humorous confessions in chronological order, reflecting several mishaps and misdeeds from a person’s life. Examples include Dropped baby sister . . . Cheated on history exam . . . Raided parent’s liquor cabinet . . . Took office supplies home. Near the Redeem Yourself tag are the words Donated blood and saved two lives.

The campaign launched in local newspapers on March 19 and will continue throughout 2009. Television ads began March 18 on all major networks and select cable stations. Door Number 3 specifically targeted the television shows My Name is Earl and Lie to Me because of their themes of redemption and karma.

The goal of the Redeem Yourself campaign is to…

• Drive blood donations now
• Raise awareness for blood donations throughout the year
• Educate people that they can save two lives with each donation

Banner ads will run in the online counterparts of the print media and television stations. In addition, Door Number 3 has developed several unique interactive and social media components that will complement the current ad campaign. These will be unveiled later this year.

Door Number 3 is the official Agency of Record for The Blood Center of Central Texas.