Texas Rangers Unveil Humorous New Campaign


Door Number 3, a full-service branding and advertising agency based in Austin, Texas, launched a multi-media advertising and marketing campaign for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club yesterday in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. The new campaign, charged with expanding the clubís fan base, takes a humorous look at the real need for people to reconnect in a meaningful way. With the tagline, “You Could Use Some Baseball,” the campaign encourages people to step out of their everyday – and often dismal – routines and spend some time together at a Rangers game while creating memories of a lifetime.

“As today’s consumer continues to add more activities to his/her schedule, planning quality time with friends and family often becomes secondary,” said Jeff Cogen, president of the Texas Rangers. “The Rangers’ new campaign will remind fans of the importance of creating meaningful experiences, and offer a Texas Rangers game as an ideal setting.”

TV spots poke fun at the pitfalls of missing out on some bonding time at the ballpark. "Candles’ features a young couple in a store smelling candles and comparing scents until the man has a masculinity-check moment stared down by a father and son in Rangers gear at the end of the aisle. “That (spot) came from a very personal place,” said Door Number 3 Creative Director, Prentice Howe. “I’ve been there with my wife having that very same moment when all of a sudden you realize it’s time to reassess your Saturday afternoon activities. This campaign is a humorous, yet honest look at how people spend their time. It pulls them back to the baseball experience with a friendly splash of cold water to the face.”

“In our research we found that no matter where people are from, they can vividly describe the sounds, smells, tastes and sights of their favorite, indelible baseball moment,” noted Suzanne Kyba, account director at Door Number 3. “Nearly everyone has a story that has become a part of their personal history, and this campaign celebrates that magical something that can only happen at a baseball game.”

Billboards are posted throughout Dallas with messages such as “Fond memories are not created in strip malls.” and “First base has nothing to do with kissing.” Radio and TV flights launched February 19, with alternative marketing and print iterations coming soon. The TV spots were produced in Dallas and directed by Stewart Cohen of Directorz.