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Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Challenger Bill White Have a Hair-off with Cow Wow »

Liquid Compost Maker Asks Public to Vote for Candidate with Best “Hair” In Its “Heads of State” Campaign
Austin, TX (9.17.10) – While Texas gubernatorial candidates Rick Perry and Bill White sling mud at each other from their respective campaign headquarters, a small Georgetown, Texas company, Cow Wow, decided to unite the two politicians – and mount them on the back of a 16-foot trailer. Cow Wow, a liquid compost product, is launching a “Moovement,” called the “Heads of State” campaign, featuring six... Read More »

Behind the Door: Summer 2010 »

When Oil Spills, Your Brand Slips and Falls For over 50 days now, as many as 60,000 barrels of oil per day have been pouring into the Gulf. To stop it, BP has tried everything their petroleum-filled brains can think of: building a large containment dome, forcing rubber pieces into the... Read More »

Creative Director Prentice Howe on ESPN Radio »

Prentice Howe, our exec creative director took to the ESPN airwaves in Austin on May 25th to riff with their morning DJs about the new Nike commercial created for the World Cup tournament. Take a listen

Communication Arts features Door Number 3’s campaign for The Alamo »

The Alamo was the site of a historic thirteen-day siege in the quest for Texas’s independence from Mexico in 1836. Nearly 200 Texans and Tejanos defended the San Antonio mission from more than 2,000 Mexican soldiers, culminating in a battle on March 6, 1836 during which all the defenders lost their lives. Today, it’s a symbol of heroic struggle against impossible odds—a place where people made the... Read More »

Tech companies try to stand out at SXSW »

Houston Chronicle, By Purva Patel
AUSTIN — Last year, Travis Skweres shelled out a few hundred dollars to attend South by Southwest, hand out T-shirts and let fellow techies know about the fledgling startup he co-founded. This year, he hired someone to dress up as a panda and wear the company T-shirt outside the convention center where the digital media conference and music festival is being held. “It’s a fun way to get our name... Read More »

Tracking IZOD: Goodbye 80’s, Hello Indy »

Written by Prentice Howe, Creative Director, for Promo Magazine.
Enduring brands are never idle. They are ever changing, ever morphing, ever adapting. They cause trends and get caught chasing them, too, both as victor or victim. Yes, the long journey of a brand is an interesting study, and one of the more intriguing treks of late is IZOD. If you’re over 35, you think of IZOD as a page straight out of The Preppy Handbook. IZOD conjures up images of a guy named... Read More »

Behind the Door: Spring 2010 »

The Alamo, Austin Film Fest, Izod
Tracking IZOD: Goodbye 80's, Hello Indy Our own Prentice Howe is now a regular columnist for PromoMagazine.com. His first column appeared February 25th and he riffed on the rebirth of the IZOD brand. Enduring brands are never idle. They are ever-changing... Read More »

Without ads, you'd quickly forget the Alamo »

by Mark Oliver “Remember the Alamo” is one of the oldest slogans in American life. As such, it’d be pretty embarrassing for the people who now run the Alamo as a historical attraction if people forgot about the place. A campaign by Austin, Texas-based agency Door Number 3 aims to generate fresh interest in it. Created on behalf of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the volunteer... Read More »

Heading off a financial siege at the Alamo »

Editorial Board It’s time maybe the last time, and this time with the admirable input of an Austin ad agency for another shot at finding a way to keep Texas’ most hallowed shrine an admission-free attraction under the sometimes questionable oversight of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. The Alamo needs your help. “Bowie defended it with a knife. Now all you need is a ballpoint... Read More »

Door Number 3 Launches First-Ever Marketing Campaign for The Alamo »

San Antonio Icon and National Treasure Partners with Door Number 3
Austin, TX (2.24.10) – Door Number 3 has launched the first-ever marketing campaign for one of the country’s most cherished shrines and treasures, The Alamo. This monumental integrated marketing campaign, which includes a new official logo, is designed to drive membership and increase visitors. The Door Number 3 campaign will brand and promote The Alamo’s new membership group, The Allies of The Alamo... Read More »

Austin ad agency comes to the Alamo's rescue »

by Brian Gaar Last year, M.P. Mueller read that the Alamo needed help designing a logo. Not the Alamodome. Not Alamo Rent A Car. The real Alamo. So Mueller, who is president of Austin advertising agency Door Number 3, called the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the nonprofit group that operates the historic landmark in San Antonio. Their response surprised her. “They said, ’Everybody... Read More »

Blood Ties: Humor, Individualism Trump Fear »

The Blood Center of Central Texas has found a novel way to refashion blood-donation campaigns, which prey on people’s guilt and fear. The solution: use humor to entice people to give it up. Created by the Austin, Texas, agency Door Number 3, the quirky campaign still uses guilt as a motivator — but in a different way. All four 30-second TV spots offer people a way to make amends for their... Read More »

Using Charitable Donations to Motivate Employees »

Like many companies, Door Number 3, an Austin-based advertising agency, has been feeling the effects of the recession. In the past year and a half, several of the firm’s long-term clients have reduced their advertising budgets. Because business was slow and employees were idle, M.P. Mueller, the company’s president, decided to ramp up the agency’s pro bono efforts. “We have... Read More »

Behind the Door: Fall 2009 »

The Alamo, Social Media
Why it Pays to be a Social Media Maven There have been a few interesting articles and studies regarding the social media world recently. "The World's Most Valuable Brands. Who's Most Engaged?" engagementdb.com conducted research on the world's 100 most valuable brands, including Starbucks, SAP, Toyota and... Read More »

Door Number 3 Gives Austin’s Humane Society a New Look »

Rebranding Effort Designed to Educate and Help Raise Funds
Austin, TX (9.28.09) – Door Number 3 has launched an exciting rebranding campaign for the Austin Humane Society. A major component of the rebranding initiative is a new, elaborate website that will serve as an educational tool designed to drive adoptions, and increase the number of donors and volunteers. The new website will be unveiled in early November, just prior to the Society’s popular annual... Read More »

Creative Director Prentice Howe Participates in CNN's Small Business Makeover »

Excerpt: Fortune Small Business recently lassoed three experts to help the Fosters map out a slump-survival strategy. For marketing advice we turned to Prentice Howe, 34, creative director of Door Number 3, a marketing and advertising agency in Austin. Experienced in online marketing, Howe scored a coup with a much-praised Website redesign for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Tourism Council. After a rambling... Read More »

Don’t Dial ‘M’ for Murder, Type ‘A’ for Altruistic »

by Stuart Elliott, The New York Times
By Stuart Elliott, The New York Times Most appeals to donate blood treat the subject as if it was a matter of life and death — and, often, to be sure, it is. But a new campaign is taking a different tack, on the theory that a light-hearted approach may attract more donors. The campaign, for the Blood Center of Central Texas, is created by an agency in Austin, Tex., named Door Number 3. The television... Read More »

Door Number 3 Wins a Webby People’s Voice Award »

Leading International Award Honoring Excellence on the Internet Names Get Your Drug On Best in Pharmaceutical Category
Austin, TX (5.13.09) – Door Number 3 has won a Webby People’s Voice Award for its innovative website Get Your Drug On. Created for client, CEDRA Clinical Research, GetYourDrugOn.com takes a humorous approach at letting users create their own drug to cure whatever ailment they desire. “The people have spoken, and they clearly found Get Your Drug On to be a creatively and cleverly developed web experience... Read More »

Door Number 3 and CEDRA Nominated for a Webby Award »

GetYourDrugOn.com is nominated for a Webby Award and is also eligible for the “People’s Voice” Award. Go to http://pv.webbyawards.com and follow the registration process. Then with one simple click of the mouse, you can vote for GYDO under the Pharmaceuticals category. Pass it on! Voting ends April 30, 2009.

SXSW Blog Feautured in Print Edition of Adweek »

Best of BrandFreak
Bryan Keplesky and Prentice Howe of DOOR NUMBER 3 in Austin, Texas, filed reports all week for BrandFreak from South by Southwest. They touched on all kinds of branding activity from the festival, from the biggest corporate parties to the littlest indie T-shirts.