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Door Number 3 Launches Humorous Redeem Yourself Campaign For The Blood Center of Central Texas »

Austin, TX (March 31, 2009) – Door Number 3 has launched a multi-faceted, humorous advertising campaign for The Blood Center of Central Texas. The new campaign, Redeem Yourself, takes a light-hearted approach in communicating a very serious subject – the extreme importance of donating blood. The campaign includes print, television and online advertisements, as well as interactive initiatives. “Door... Read More »

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Slumping Economy Becomes Theme in Ads »

Advertisers try to be sensitive to consumers' money issues.
By Lilly Rockwell This holiday season, as retailers are urging shoppers to buy, the sluggish economy has become an ingredient in television advertising campaigns. Retailers that would normally emphasize their reliable products or customer service in their advertising are trying to be in-step with the times by highlighting prices and acknowledging that times are tough. Clothing retailer L.L. Bean, for... Read More »

"Welcome to Marfa, Texas: It's Out There" »

Communication Arts profiles Marfa Campaign
Austin ad agency Door Number 3 created this campaign for dusty southwest Texas town turned art destination darling—Marfa. It focuses on the juxtaposition of high art and small town Texas life; it’s Old West meets SoHo. The print, poster and direct mail campaign was created to spur travel and tourism interest in the town of 2,121 people about 190 miles southeast of El Paso. All imagery was shot on... Read More »

Weak economic times call for smart, not reduced marketing »

by Prentice Howe
When I was a kid, my mom packed Ivory Soap each time I went to summer camp. Known for its ability to float, my bar would buoy atop the lake while my cabin mates lost theirs on the murky, muddy floor. Ivory rose to fame in the 1930s when the Great Depression was at its worst. I’m sure many people then thought Procter & Gamble was ill-advised to launch a new product in dire times. But P&G saw... Read More »

Behind the Door: Fall 2008 »

When the Economy is Down, Tune the Branding Opportunities Up We sat down with some Doorkeepers to talk about strategies and tactics to keep companies' branding machines humming and revenues pointing upward during this, ahem, challenging period. (By the way, did you know that Texas' economy usually grows during recessions?) We know the wise guys out... Read More »

Door Number 3 Introduces Professional Hockey to Greater Austin with Campaign for Texas Stars »

Campaign for new team includes one of the world’s largest hockey sticks
Austin, TX (11.7.08) – To build anticipation and excitement for Greater Austin’s new professional hockey team, the Texas Stars, local boutique branding agency, Door Number 3 is launching a multi-faceted advertising campaign targeting the greater Austin metro area. The campaign, which includes one of the world’s largest hockey sticks, communicates the exhilaration of professional hockey coming to the... Read More »

Phil Davies Wins 2008 Dead Radio Contest »

October 16, 2008
Phil Davies, a copywriter for Door Number 3, recently won the indie-popular Dead Radio contest, which looks to bring back to life radio spots previously killed by agency clients. Davies’ spot for Dallas-based Southwest(southwest.com), titled “paged”, beat out 800 international competitors. The 60-second radio spot is set in an airport terminal and pokes fun at airline travel. Various announcers page... Read More »

A new NHL season, and the gloves are off »

October 15, 2008
One city picking a fight with another city? You’d have to say that this nicely captures the spirit of pro hockey. The Detroit Red Wings won the National Hockey League championship, and the Stanley Cup that goes with it, last season, so the Dallas Stars get in Detroit’s collective face with this ad, via agency Door Number 3 of Austin, Texas. Considering that what’s now the Stars franchise... Read More »

Marfa on the Map »

October 3, 2008
Door Number 3 has created a small advertising campaign for the dusty Southwest Texas town turned art destination darling — Marfa. The “Welcome to Marfa, Texas: It’s Out There” campaign focuses on the juxtaposition of high art and small town Texas life. In a reversal of roles, it was the agency that approached Marfa’s chamber of commerce to do the campaign, says Prentice Howe, DN3 creative director... Read More »

Door Number 3 To Launch Adventurous Campaign for the University of Wyoming »

Campaign to tout in the wild and in the classroom experiences
Austin, TX (9.11.08) – Indie-shop, Door Number 3 will launch an integrated advertising campaign for the University of Wyoming. The multi-tiered campaign, which runs September to December, targets high-school juniors and seniors as well as their parents, using the “For Adventurous Minds” tagline. The University of Wyoming is a highly respected educational institution. Located in southeastern Wyoming’s... Read More »

Creating Your Online Drug »

September 1, 2008
Cedra Clinical Research, an overnight clinical research company based in Austin, TX, launched getyourdrugon.com earlier this summer. Users can create drugs to prescribe, and send, to friends. While it mostly went out to friends and family then, Cedra is preparing an official kickoff on September 24 to coincide with a fall campaign. The message is build awareness about patient recruitment for clinical... Read More »

Behind the Door: Summer 2008 »

Agency Roundtable: Baby Products and Their Marketing...Time for a Change? In 2007, the US fertility rate was at its highest point since 1971 at 2.1 births per woman. Reflecting that stat are retail sales for babies, toddlers and preschool-aged kids....excluding diapers, food and apparel, those product sales... Read More »

Invent Your Own Customized Miracle Drug »

June 18, 2008
Taking a slight jab at the often mind-boggling pharmaceutical ads, Austin, TX agency Door Number 3 is promoting medical research firm Cedra by letting you create your own fake pharma drug to advertise. As muzak plays in the background, along with random voices that are seemingly coming from a hospital, the site invites visitors to go through a five-step process to create their drug. Choose from a... Read More »

Cedra "Get Your Drug On" »

June 18, 2008
Door Number 3 in Austin, Texas, developed GetYourDrugOn.com, an online promo for Cedra, a company that does overnight medical testing. The site lets users create their own jokey designer drugs and “prescribe” them for their friends. I typed in my first name, “Dave,” and was told my drug was called “Davagra.” That sounds like Viagra. Is GYDO.com trying to tell me... Read More »

CEDRA: Get Your Drug On »

June 18, 2008
Invent your own miracle drug Taking a slight jab at the often mind-boggling pharmaceutical ads, Austin, TX agency Door Number 3 is promoting medical research firm Cedra by letting you create your own fake pharma drug to advertise. As muzak plays in the background, along with random voices that are seemingly coming from a hospital, the site invites visitors to go through a five-step process to create... Read More »

Behind the Door: Spring 2008 »

Advertising Anarchy, Rangers, Rickrolling
South by Southwest Wrap Up 2008 April in Austin usually feels like the quietest month of the year. That's mainly because the city is still collectively recovering from South by Southwest - our huge, international music, film and interactive conference. For the second year in a row, we... Read More »

SxSW: Agencies do Austin »

While Austin’s South by Southwest Interactive is still largely the premier geek meet-up, many “full service” agencies sent delegations this year. Most notably, Wieden + Kennedy fielded a group of 25, including a copywriter, designer, art director, producers, developers/flash guys and the entire planning department. It’s a significant outlay for a busy agency, but a tiny fraction... Read More »

Door Number 3 Announces Key Staff Addition »

Door Number 3 is pleased to announce Erika Shepler has joined their advertising management team as Account Supervisor. Shepler comes to the Austin agency from GSD&M’s Idea City where she served as Account Supervisor and worked on the American Red Cross, AT&T and SBC Yellow Pages. She earlier worked at Publicis in New York City as an Account Executive on the Heineken USA, Amstel Light... Read More »