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Without ads, you'd quickly forget the Alamo »

by Mark Oliver “Remember the Alamo” is one of the oldest slogans in American life. As such, it’d be pretty embarrassing for the people who now run the Alamo as a historical attraction if people forgot about the place. A campaign by Austin, Texas-based agency Door Number 3 aims to generate fresh interest in it. Created on behalf of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the volunteer... Read More »

Heading off a financial siege at the Alamo »

Editorial Board It’s time maybe the last time, and this time with the admirable input of an Austin ad agency for another shot at finding a way to keep Texas’ most hallowed shrine an admission-free attraction under the sometimes questionable oversight of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. The Alamo needs your help. “Bowie defended it with a knife. Now all you need is a ballpoint... Read More »

Door Number 3 Launches First-Ever Marketing Campaign for The Alamo »

San Antonio Icon and National Treasure Partners with Door Number 3
Austin, TX (2.24.10) – Door Number 3 has launched the first-ever marketing campaign for one of the country’s most cherished shrines and treasures, The Alamo. This monumental integrated marketing campaign, which includes a new official logo, is designed to drive membership and increase visitors. The Door Number 3 campaign will brand and promote The Alamo’s new membership group, The Allies of The Alamo... Read More »

Austin ad agency comes to the Alamo's rescue »

by Brian Gaar Last year, M.P. Mueller read that the Alamo needed help designing a logo. Not the Alamodome. Not Alamo Rent A Car. The real Alamo. So Mueller, who is president of Austin advertising agency Door Number 3, called the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the nonprofit group that operates the historic landmark in San Antonio. Their response surprised her. “They said, ’Everybody... Read More »

Don’t Dial ‘M’ for Murder, Type ‘A’ for Altruistic »

by Stuart Elliott, The New York Times
By Stuart Elliott, The New York Times Most appeals to donate blood treat the subject as if it was a matter of life and death — and, often, to be sure, it is. But a new campaign is taking a different tack, on the theory that a light-hearted approach may attract more donors. The campaign, for the Blood Center of Central Texas, is created by an agency in Austin, Tex., named Door Number 3. The television... Read More »

Door Number 3 Wins a Webby People’s Voice Award »

Leading International Award Honoring Excellence on the Internet Names Get Your Drug On Best in Pharmaceutical Category
Austin, TX (5.13.09) – Door Number 3 has won a Webby People’s Voice Award for its innovative website Get Your Drug On. Created for client, CEDRA Clinical Research, GetYourDrugOn.com takes a humorous approach at letting users create their own drug to cure whatever ailment they desire. “The people have spoken, and they clearly found Get Your Drug On to be a creatively and cleverly developed web experience... Read More »

Door Number 3 and CEDRA Nominated for a Webby Award »

GetYourDrugOn.com is nominated for a Webby Award and is also eligible for the “People’s Voice” Award. Go to http://pv.webbyawards.com and follow the registration process. Then with one simple click of the mouse, you can vote for GYDO under the Pharmaceuticals category. Pass it on! Voting ends April 30, 2009.