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Blood Center of Central Texas on Adfreak.com »

Blood Center of Central Texas on Adfreak.com

Blood Center of Central Texas - Ad of the Day »

Blood Center of Central Texas – Ad of the Day

"Welcome to Marfa, Texas: It's Out There" »

Communication Arts profiles Marfa Campaign
Austin ad agency Door Number 3 created this campaign for dusty southwest Texas town turned art destination darling—Marfa. It focuses on the juxtaposition of high art and small town Texas life; it’s Old West meets SoHo. The print, poster and direct mail campaign was created to spur travel and tourism interest in the town of 2,121 people about 190 miles southeast of El Paso. All imagery was shot on... Read More »

A new NHL season, and the gloves are off »

October 15, 2008
One city picking a fight with another city? You’d have to say that this nicely captures the spirit of pro hockey. The Detroit Red Wings won the National Hockey League championship, and the Stanley Cup that goes with it, last season, so the Dallas Stars get in Detroit’s collective face with this ad, via agency Door Number 3 of Austin, Texas. Considering that what’s now the Stars franchise... Read More »

Marfa on the Map »

October 3, 2008
Door Number 3 has created a small advertising campaign for the dusty Southwest Texas town turned art destination darling — Marfa. The “Welcome to Marfa, Texas: It’s Out There” campaign focuses on the juxtaposition of high art and small town Texas life. In a reversal of roles, it was the agency that approached Marfa’s chamber of commerce to do the campaign, says Prentice Howe, DN3 creative director... Read More »

Cedra "Get Your Drug On" »

June 18, 2008
Door Number 3 in Austin, Texas, developed GetYourDrugOn.com, an online promo for Cedra, a company that does overnight medical testing. The site lets users create their own jokey designer drugs and “prescribe” them for their friends. I typed in my first name, “Dave,” and was told my drug was called “Davagra.” That sounds like Viagra. Is GYDO.com trying to tell me... Read More »

All Natural Maine Root: Find a Partner »

Most small businesses don’t have the resources for an in-house video-production staff. So, finding a partner such as an advertising agency can help get a video campaign off the ground or spiff up a lackluster idea. But there are a couple of caveats. This option may end up costing thousands of dollars — a significant payout for most entrepreneurs, and a lot more than most companies spend... Read More »