Dallas Stars Hockey


Hockey in football country? The Stars recognized that this was no easy sell when they approached us to build buzz around their upcoming season. Their goals:  infuse the team with personality, distinguish the hockey experience from other pro sports and activate the casual fan to attend games at American Airlines Arena.

Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Mural Advertising


With the Mavs next door and America’s Team up the street, the competition for DFW mindshare was stiff. In true challenger fashion, Door Number 3 gave the Stars a “Lightning Rod” personality, creating charismatic attraction around the spirit of hockey. “Come into the cold” served up a spirited alternative to its comparatively tame football and basketball alternatives and included outdoor, radio, digital, game programs, arena signage and fan giveaways. Complementary game day outdoor boards and radio spots pushed walk-up ticket sales.

Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Billboard Advertising
Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Billboard Advertising
Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Billboard Advertising
Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Outdoor Advertising
Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey Print Advertising
Door Number 3 Dallas Stars Hockey T-shirt Marketing Advertising


Within 24 hours of its release, “Come into the cold” became one of the most talked about campaigns in NHL history. From ESPN’s “Around the Horn” to the front page of the Los Angeles Times sports section, the campaign’s voice sparked a national dialogue. Sports Business Journal ranked it as one of the “most creative/innovative marketing campaigns in the NHL.” The Stars went on to enjoy one of its most profitable and winningest seasons ever. Average home attendance numbers increased to near capacity, leading American Airlines Arena to be named the “fourth most profitable sports venue in America” by Forbes. Fan momentum carried the Stars to the Western Conference Finals where they lost to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

Campaign coverage included: The New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, ESPN/The Tony Kornheiser Show, 1310 The Ticket, and SI.com.

Door Number 3 did a great job building buzz for the Texas Rangers and we wanted them to work their magic for us. In a market with so much competition, we wanted people talking about how rough, tough and fun the hockey experience is. Mission accomplished.
— G. Moore, Executive Vice President, Dallas Stars