Tired of overmedication, over-prescription, and a confusing maze of drugs with a long list of side effects – Darrin Peterson knew it was time to give people a natural alternative. So he created LifeSeasons, a natural supplement company with a mission to empower people to take back their health. Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts and HEB Central Market all carry their products, but those vitamin aisles are getting crowded. LifeSeasons needed to define their story and begin building a sales engine on their direct-to-consumer e-commerce site.




“Nature works. Science proves it.” became the rallying cry that would begin to educate audiences that had begrudgingly become accustomed to reaching for prescription meds first to treat their everyday health concerns. This campaign utilized an omni-channel approach, driving trial through compelling offers, and leading back to educational landing pages. Vehicles included paid social, a microinfluencer program, outdoor, DJ endorsements, pre-roll, email, native and experiential centered around sampling events featuring a LifeSeasons Restoration Bar. The campaign has already resulted in a 600% increase in traffic to the site in a single month.

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