LSO is a regional package carrier with one of the highest on-time delivery and lowest-damage rates. But they were up against giants: FedEx and UPS. With the goal of top-line growth and an eye on doubling market share over three years, Door Number 3 began working with LSO to establish a solid marketing foundation and brand.

Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Logo Rebranding Advertising


Door Number 3 began with market research and analysis of customer data to identify their best customers - those demonstrating consistent, high-volume profitability. The analysis also revealed a high attrition rate. Those insights led to goals and marketing strategies for short-term quick growth of existing customer wallet share, new business acquisition and retention; and increased brand awareness.

Brand positioning along with reasons to believe; Personal Attention, Greater Care and Powerful Problem Solving was just the start. A new tagline was also adopted; It’s All In The Delivery. We then renamed Lone Star Overnight to reflect the vernacular (LSO), and designed a new logo to reflect the progressive, accommodating brand. Finally, the key customer-facing elements, packaging (envelopes and boxes) and fleet, were redesigned to showcase a commitment to shipping.

To staunch attrition and grow top line revenue, an 8-month marketing plan was executed targeting 10,000 high net worth clients and shipping decision makers. Aside from external branding, we armed LSO’s sales team with onboarding kits. Upon sequential drops of direct mailers and a 3-D direct mail piece, LSO’s sales force was given branded top-of-mind emails, notecards and sales brochures to keep their pipeline flowing. 

Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Brand Guidelines Marketing
Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Rebranding Packaging Design Advertising
Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Banner Advertising Rebranding
Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Rebranding Marketing Advertising
Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Redesign Vehicle Advertising
Door Number 3 Lone Star Overnight Design T-shirt Advertising


Door Number 3’s integrated approach allowed LSO to meet its revenue goals, become acquired and continue to be a thriving, regional shipping force. Camo, argyle and tie dyed vehicles continue to cause rubber necking all across Texas. The rebranding of their shipping vehicles won top honors in Commercial Carrier Journal’s Five Flashiest Fleets.