Maine root


Maine Root is a fiercely independent beverage company that cares about growth, but not just in market share. They’re also dedicated to spreading morality. From their Fair Trade partnerships with Brazilian sugar cane farmers to their other ethically sourced ingredients, Maine Root has proven that beverages taste better when they’re made with integrity. As a longtime client, we helped them shape their story as they expanded from a regional presence to over 7,500 locations worldwide. Now, it was time to tackle their digital footprint.



There are a lot of reasons why Maine Root is superior to their Big Soda competitors—flavor, character, etc—but we determined that the most powerful proof point is goodness. Between the taste of their products, the quality of their ingredients and their commitment to Fair Trade practices, it’s safe to say Maine Root is “Rooted in Goodness.” We let the world know about it by revamping their story and e-commerce experience for the digital age.


Until we started working with Door Number 3, we sucked at telling our story.
Mark Seiler, Co-Founder, Maine Root


After providing Maine Root with a mobile-friendly, ecommerce-friendly website, we’ve helped put them in a position to spread goodness to more restaurants, retailers and individual consumers than any of us could have imagined when our relationship started over a decade ago. It’s an outcome as sweet as their Fair Trade cane sugar.


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