Marfa, Texas


Marfa has been described as tough to get to and even tougher to explain. With a population of only 2,121, this dusty town at the western edge of Texas is a three-hour drive from the nearest airport. So how do you spur travel and tourism interest in the middle of nowhere considering that there are countless – and much more convenient – alternatives vying for vacationers’ attention? 

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Door Number 3 created a brand platform that celebrates all the wonderful oddities of this “Old West meets SoHo” destination. “Welcome to Marfa, Texas: It’s Out There” focuses on the juxtaposition of high art and small town Texas life. All imagery was shot on location by Door Number 3 and photographer Eric Kiel. 

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Marfa once had an edge-of-the-planet vibe. This campaign, coupled with recent media attention, has piqued a wave of interest and positioned Marfa as more center of the universe than the middle of nowhere. Tourism numbers are off the charts, The New York Times can’t stop writing about it and real estate has reached an all-time high.