Shipping Easy


There’s a problem with the marketing for most business shipping software: it’s all business. From yawn-worthy whitepapers to stodgy talking head videos, it’s as if they’re competing to see who can put the most people to sleep. ShippingEasy wanted to be different. They wanted to show off their ecommerce offerings and their personality. And they wanted us to help. (1).gif


The first thing we noticed about ShippingEasy was the giant grin spanning the bottom of their logo. It made us happy, and we figured their corresponding marketing materials should do the same. From their homepage to their banner ads to their eblasts and beyond, we established a smile-inducing tone and aesthetic that’s as pleasing to potential customers as ShippingEasy’s helpful business solutions and competitive prices.



People noticed, and the ShippingEasy bigwigs were beaming from ear to ear about the increased web traffic.

  • New campaign has seen a conversion share of 17% (since 1/14/19)

  • + 56.9% lift with Business Owners and Decision Makers who use Etsy, Shopify and Amazon

  • + 32.6% brand lift overall in 6 months

  • 83.62% ad viewability, well above the 56.6% industry average