Shipping Easy


There’s a problem with the marketing for most business shipping software: it’s all business. From yawn-worthy white papers to stodgy talking head videos, it’s as if they’re competing to see who can put the most people to sleep. ShippingEasy wanted to be different. They wanted to show off their e-commerce offerings and their personality. Overshadowed by bigger SaaS offerings like ShipStation, they needed to differentiate and bolster brand affinity amongst an extremely niche audience. They also needed to increase the number of Plus, Select and Premium signups (vs. their Starter and Basic packages). (1).gif


We began by mining the available data and evaluating target audiences to determine what channels would most efficiently boost brand awareness and drive higher dollar sign-ups amongst a niche audience. Our greatest potential for conversions: an audience of hard-to-reach Amazon sellers. To maximize ROI, we sent a passback ID into the DSP based on the type of plan users were signing up for. We then built a look-alike model to drive brand awareness against an audience specific to premium plans, shifting the focus away from ShippingEasy’s $0 starter plan. Partnering with Nielsen on a brand lift study allowed us to measure the effectiveness of the brand awareness campaign and collect insights around which messaging drove the highest lift, and at what frequency.



More premium signups. More brand recognition. More smiles.

  • 277% return on ad spend over a 30 day period

  • +56.9% lift in Business Owners and Decision Makers who use Etsy, Shopify and Amazon

  • +32% in brand lift over 6 months