TEXpress lanes


Dallas is a toll-road city. Traffic is the bane of people's existence. Cintra US (aka TEXpress Lanes) proposed a solution to install a new system of congestion-management engineering. Information needed to be introduced about these new lanes to educate, mitigate negative and/or misperceptions and drive trial. 



Door Number 3 performed extensive market research including focus groups to garner baseline perceptions and expectations of the more than 26 miles of newly-constructed roadway. Brand positioning led to messaging that reinforced the benefits of the TEXpress lanes: choice, speed and getting time back in one's life for what's important. 

Texpress mobile:digital mockup.jpg


The campaign saw an impressive 202% increase in website sessions, 298% increase in new user visits, a 27% increase in new account registrations and a 36% increase in promotional account activations.