The Alamo


Drawing roughly four million visitors per year, The Alamo, one of the country’s most treasured historical landmarks, received no funding from the city of San Antonio or the state of Texas. Until recently, most of its $5 million operating budget came from gift store sales. As custodians of The Alamo, The Daughters of The Republic of Texas were seeking a new logo in hopes of attracting more visitors. 



Door Number 3 created a plan that went beyond a logo to address The Alamo’s dire need for a new revenue stream to support the preservation of this monumental piece of Texas history. With this, Allies of The Alamo was born – their first membership program. This tiered museum membership offered different levels of engagements and benefits to visitors from around the world. To support the launch and fortify The Alamo’s brand, we re-crafted and trademarked the iconic logo, then created an integrated campaign that invited Texans to “Cross the line” and become part of timeless ideals: heroism, courage and sacrifice in the universal pursuit of liberty. 


As Austinites, you should be proud of Door Number 3 and its willingness to pitch in to help the Alamo craft a modern marketing program.
Austin American-Statesman, Editorial Board
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Door Number 3 The Alamo Brochure Advertising

I am so excited about what Door Number 3 has created and put together for The Alamo. They filled our need with such creativity that really captures the imagination. I cannot say enough good things about Door Number 3’s passion, dedication, and work.
Virginia Van Cleave, Alamo Committee Chairperson, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas
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An Empowered Challenger was born. The Alamo was armed with a program that evolved customers into advocates. What’s more, The Alamo’s inner-remarkabilty was shared, creating new fascination around a centuries old icon. Revenue created by this new membership program allowed The Daughters of The Republic of Texas to fund much-need preservation, maintenance and ongoing education.