It’s not easy competing against the automobile. It’s been around since the 1800’s. And Texas is a car culture. But Austin is facing a transportation crisis. With 150 people moving to Austin each day, commuter trips will double by 2035. Yet, transit ridership has not grown in concert with population growth. 

Capital Metro Two Timer Advertisement Door Number 3


Asking Austinites to break up with their car? Pfft. Ain’t gonna happen. So instead, we’re simply asking them to make room in their lives for one more love by becoming a Two Timer and riding transit twice a week. Door Number 3’s prospecting campaign includes digital media, social content, SEM, door-to-door giveaways, transit advertising, bar advertising and a microsite with “How To” videos featuring local trendsetters and tastemakers including Grammy award-winning musician Adrian Quesada, lifestyle blogger Nikisha Brunson and mixologist Justin Lavenue. To reframe the conversation about transit, the campaign also features five urban adventures – each one sending residents to hot spots around the urban core via bus or rail.

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Since the campaign launched, there have been dramatic increases in tickets sold (+57%), accounts (+21%) and app downloads (+19%) vs. the same time period last year. In addition, total conversions driven by the campaign have exceeded all expectations.