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Anmiated GIF. It shows a brown, old fashioned omega 3 fish oil bottle, and reads "We used to smoke in doctor's offices, too." The items move and screen becomes a bright, clean blue. It shows a bottle of fatty15 and reads "3x more cellular benefits."


We generated multiple campaign ideas to test with consumers. The winning campaign direction focused on this simple premise: fatty15 is of this century. After all, science has evolved, so shouldn’t our choice of supplements, too? We think so. Modern science for the win.

A billboard shows a brown old fashioned bottle on the left labeled "omega 3 fish oil" and the headline "Ancient History." On the right, a clean bottle of fatty15 supplements with the headline "Modern Miracle."
A woman in her early 30s looks happy and relaxed, holding up a single fatty15 supplement pill.
Fatty Product
Fatty15 Magazine Print


Initial message testing of leading campaign contenders showed improved ROAS by 70%, overall reducing ad spend while increasing conversions. The new creative directly generated over half of new purchases in a single week. Through integrated digital media efforts – with refined messaging using the winning concept across thirteen channels – year-on-year revenue increased 3.5x.

+ 70 %


^ 3 X


A single white fatty15 supplement pill sits on a green surface with a green background.
A glass bottle is viewed from above, full of many white fatty15 supplement pills.
Animated GIF. It shows an old fashioned omega 3 fish oil bottle, and reads "The 1920s called. They want their fatty acid back." The items move and screen becomes a bright, clean blue. A bottle of fatty15 appears, reading "3x more cellular benefits."
A preview of an animated ad appears in-context within a sponsored facebook ad setting. The headline over an old bottle of fish oil reads "Omega-3 was considered a breakthrough in 1929. So was the girdle." Post copy promotes new fatty15 supplement.
Posters Person Only
The image shows an ad in situation on the side of a bus stop shelter. The top, with an old fashioned fish oil bottle, reads "ye old medicine", while the bottom, with a clean new fatty15 supplement bottle, reads "the new science."
Fatty15 Product

“World Changing Idea.”


  • Fast Company, 2022