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The Empowered Challenger Podcast

The Empowered Challenger Podcast

We’ve launched a podcast!


Unless you’re a category leader, your brand is likely in a struggle for attention in a crowded consumer marketplace. Fortunately, your business’s challenger nature may be the very thing that sets it apart from the pack. On The Empowered Challenger Podcast, Prentice Howe talks with founders, marketers and thought leaders to explore the tactics that challenger brands leverage to steal market share and topple giants.

The Empowered Challenger Podcast

The first two episodes are live!

Episode 1: Why Am I Starting a Podcast?

This quick 3-minute episode sets the stage for what’s to come. Our producer, Eric, came strong with the show music. Feel free to tap along on your steering wheel.

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Episode 2: Unlocking the Power of Less with Scott Sonenshein

Mastering a challenger mindset begins here. Join Prentice as he sits down with Rice University professor and author of “STRETCH : Unlock the Power of Less – And Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined.” Through rigorous research, Scott inspires and instructs us to make the most of what we already have. Are you ready to unleash your inner MacGyver?

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Available everywhere!

The Empowered Challenger is now live wherever you love listening to your favorite podcasts. Spotify? Yep. Stitcher? Yep. Apple Podcasts? Yep. Really, we mean it - it’s EVERYWHERE! Click through to find your favorite platform.

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